The Versailles Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) was created in 1983 for the purpose of promoting business activity and increased economic development within the Village of Versailles. The CIC is a non-profit organization made up of community representatives and elected or appointed village officials. The organization works to assist the Versailles Village Council with business expansion and activity and serves as a vital tool in helping the local economy grow and represents the village motto, People, Pride, and Progress. 

Versailles is also involved in regional economic development efforts working hand in hand with the Darke County CIC and Partnering for Progress (P4P) organizations.

For more information on business activity in the Village of Versailles, or a confidential inquiry, contact the Village Administrator at (937) 525-3294.

Events Calendar



Versailles Community Garage Sales

Wed, 07/24/2024 - 8:00am



Village Council Public Hearing

Wed, 08/14/2024 - 6:45pm